Author Piper Sinclair

Hello world!

I have just finished writing my first book Shattered Heart, the first of the series as shown on the the book cover below. The book is currently being edited and proof read for publications. We are projecting an October release. In the meantime, the first three chapters will soon be available as a teaser for the book.

Daniel Hudson was never the man I thought I married, the man I thought I loved.

There is no escape. Only a mad-man determined to end her.

Ailani Kekoa’s broke, on the run,
And desperate.

Her husband is a wealthy man.
An ex-SEAL.
A man with connections.
A man who will hunt her down.

One night of pleasure.
That’s what she offers Jayden Wells.
For shelter to ride out the storm.

What he gives her is an offer she can’t refuse.
Is it too good to be true?
Has she traded one monster for another?

Slowly, Jayden ensnares Ailani.
Does unimaginable things to her,
Things that she never thought possible.
Never wanted…until now.

She has to leave.
Before she falls for Jayden.
Before her husband finds her, finds them.

It may already be too late…


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